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Video Captain manages all the aspects of the live streaming creation


PICTURE White.png

concept, screen design,

branding, run-of-show



guidance for the host and speakers, preparations, rehearsals

Technical setup

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streaming platform, cameras, microphones, connectivity

Live TV directing

MIXER White.png

in-ear instructions, vision mixing, overlays, slides, videos


What is Video Captain's mission?

Video Captain helps brands create appealing and engaging live streams

What does Video Captain offer?

Video Captain gives live streams a professional look similar to that of a TV show, with branded graphics overlays, split screens, vision mixing, TV directing, in-ear Instructions, and more. This is done remotely, with an additional on-site option.

Where can the banrds go live?

Video Captain offers a range of options: appealing live streams on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, as well as video podcasts, virtual events, and hybrid events.

How does it work?

This is done remotely, with an additional on-site option. Speakers join remotely using their webcams. Video Captain guides them in advance and then, during the event, instructs them through their earphones/speakers (without this being heard by viewers). We can also send a professional streaming team to the clients office or venue. 

What is Video Captain's Expertise?

Clients benefit from Video Captain's unique expertise in TV and online products: directing thousands of hours of live prime-time television programmes, overseeing the design and delivery of on-air graphics for live broadcasts, and managing video-based websites and mobile apps

More About the services
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