What kind of video shows is your service good for?

My service is best for any online video that involves talking on camera, interviewing others or presenting slides, videos or pictures. This includes talk shows, video-podcasts, webinars, educational videos, presentations, how-to videos and much more. My service is also suitable for online performances where the performers join remotely from their location.

Can my video show be broadcasted live?

Yes. I can broadcast your show live to your social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. It can be also embeded on your website. I will take care of all the technical aspects.

How do I and my guests join the show?

I will send you and your guest a link. Just open it, and you are in. Your browser might ask your permission to access your camera and microphone.

Once you have joined, you will see on your screen the output of the show and also the output of your own camera.

Can I use my mobile to join the show?

Yes. You and your show guests can join using their mobile (iPhone and Android), tablet (iPad and Android tablet), and any other mobile device that has an integrated camera and internet connection.

I would recommend placing the device horizontally on a stable surface rather than holding it in your hand, although it is also possible.

What are the advantages of directed video shows?

Directed video shows are easier to produce compare to an onsite shooting and then post production editing. Once the shooting of the video show is done, there is a ready-to-use video file. Usually no editing is required afterwards, and you can upload the file to your social media and website quickly.

Directed video show can also be broadcasted live to your social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitch and can also be embedded on your website.

What does a TV Director do and what is Remote Director?

In professional TV studio shows, the TV director is responsible for all the television aspects of the show: deciding which camera is shown on-air, what graphics appear, sound, guiding the presenters, combining video clips right on time, and much more.

As a Remote Director I bring all the professional aspects of the TV director role into the online video domain. And since it is all online, it can be done remotely. I will combine TV visual elements in the show such as overlays (text on screen), split screen of you and your guests what can be anywhere in the world and much more. I will also plan the show with you and during the show, I will direct and guide you (you will be able to hear my instructions in your ear, but the audience of the show will not hear me).

In this way, I make the service accessible to individuals and small business that wish to create affordable video content on a regular basis and use it to brand themselves as their industry leaders.

What will equipment do I need to create my online video show?

You will need either a desktop/laptop computer with a camera or a mobile device or a tablet. You will also need in-ear headphones, microphone (or headphones with microphone) and internet connection. Basically that's it.

Your show guests will need the same equipment to join the show (computer with a camera or mobile device or tablet and also an internet connection).

If you wish your show to look more professional, I would recommend using a better webcam than the one provided built-in with your laptop, plus an external USB microphone and if possible, some lighting. I can guide you on that.

What do I need to do before the show?

Before the show, we will talk and plan your show. We will set up a format and line-up for your show, discuss the guests you would like to interview and plan the visual elements to combine during the show such as text on screen, slides, pictures, clips etc.

I will also guide you in setting up your camera and microphone and provide tips on presenting on camera.

How will you guide and direct me during the show?

During the show you will hear my instructions on your headphones, but the audience of the show will not hear me. In this way, I will guide and direct you according to the line-up of the show (that we planned in advance).

For example, when it is time to wrap-up the show, I will tell you it on your headphones, but the audience will not hear it.

How will I get my video show after the production?

I will send you a ready-to-use video file by email. You will then be able to upload it to your social media platforms and your website.