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Live event: conversation with John Ware

Online event with the BEFTA nominee about investigative journalism

The client

Wizo UK is a charity dedicated to social welfare in all sectors, the advancement of the status of women, and education.

The event

Fund rising live online event where John Ware, a broadcaster and writer, was interviewed remotely by Stephen Pollard, the Editor of the Jewish Chronicle. The event was hosted by Annabel Stelzer, Trustee at Wizo UK and included video clips and images of John Ware's work and Wizo's activity. The event also included questions from the audience.

Video Captain services

Preparations and rehearsals - before the event, Video Captain helped the client to plan the format of the event and to build up a lineup. The speakers received remote assistance in setting up cameras, microphones and lighting and also had a chance to have several rehearsals before the event.

Real-time stage management - during the event, the speakers received instructions to their earphones according to the planed lineup and also got instruction how to react to unexpected issues. The audience did not hear these instructions.

Live managed split screens - VideoCaptain remotely controlled who will be seen every moment and in what form according to the relevant content. For example, split screen of three speakers, split screen of two, full screen of one speaker, split screen of speaker and audience, video clip only, split screen of speaker and video clip. This created a managed "virtual stage" for the event.

Virtual hall - a place for the audience to join the event remotely. The audience could watch the virtual main stage, see other members of the audience, and address questions to the speakers.

Graphics package - bespoke graphics based on the Wizo UK logo and brand colour. This included also animated opener and slides.

Text on screen - to display written information such as topics, names of speakers, web address, questions of the audience and credits at the end of the show.

Here's what the client says

Maureen Fisher, CEO of Wizo UK

Our organisation embarked upon hosting online events and we, like so many other organisations, were novices in the world of virtual activity. Itay Filiba - VideoCaptain - ensured a standard of production we would never have been able to achieve without his support. Guests who participated in our events, leaders in their fields, were amazed by the high level of technical professionalism they experienced. With VideoCaptain's input we were able to upgrade what would have been a very simple presentation to an impressive format on par with national broadcast media. VideoCaptain was able to help us create something that Zoom and other video-chat platforms do not normally offer. His co-operation, encouragement and understanding in supporting participants for whom this was a nervous 'first' was much appreciated as was his availability and professionalism. We thank VideoCaptain for his commitment to our success and look forward to continuing to work together on our 'virtual' journey.

About Video Captain

Video Captain remotely produces virtual events and video podcasts, giving them professional and branded appearance. Bringing methods from the world of live TV broadcasting, this service integrates graphics overlays, split screens, video clips, and other elements into the online event or podcast.

Video Captain assists with devising and planning the event and directs it in real time, including feeding instructions into the speakers' earphones. Also provided are services to enhance interaction with the viewers.


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