Shachar Grembek, Founder and Executive Director, LGBTech

"We were confident that we were in the good hands of a live TV broadcasting professional".

Our Video Captain director (Itay) transformed what would have been an average virtual event and gave it an attractive and engaging TV format. He incorporated a range of visual techniques and elements into the event: graphics and information on-screen, split screens, video clips, and so forth. Our viewers commented on how extremely impressed they were with the upgrade and the impact it had on the entire experience. In addition, Itay conducted pre-broadcast instructional sessions to ensure the best quality in terms of speaker appearance and line-up flow. Throughout our event, Itay provided in-ear instructions, just like those given to TV presenters. With this support, we were confident that we were in the good hands of a live TV broadcasting professional. Itay assisted us in packaging our content in an interesting, format-fitting manner. He also created a branded graphic package for us, with our logo and the visual language that best reflected us, our values, and our target audiences. All of this was done remotely, smoothly, and efficiently. Thanks, Video Captain, for taking us to the next level in virtual event-ing!

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