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Strange Fruit - Live 2

Live performance of five performers from remote locations

The clinent

Strange fruit is a group of talented five drag performers.

The show

A second live online performance where each of the artists is in a different location. The event included also recorded video clips and interactive connection between the performers and audience.

Video Captain services

Preparations and rehearsals - building a lineup together with the client, guidance in setting up camera, microphone and lighting and running several rehearsals before the show.

Landing page to join the show - building a landing page for the audience to join the show. This included information about the show, a joining in button and a donation button. After the show, the landing page had link to the recorded full show.

Live stage management - the five performers got directing instructions during the show according to the lineup and unexpected issues.

Managed split screens - the performers could perform together and alone from five different remote locations. This created a "virtual stage" for the show.

Virtual hall - The audience could watch the virtual stage, to see other people on the audience and to interact with them and with the performers.

Bespoke graphics package for the show - based on the costumer's logo and the brand colour of the event.

Text on screen - to display information about the show, the names of the performers, a web address for donations and credits at the end of the show.

About Video Captain

Video Captain remotely produces virtual events and video podcasts, giving them professional and branded appearance. Bringing methods from the world of live TV broadcasting, this service integrates graphics overlays, split screens, video clips, and other elements into the online event or podcast.

Video Captain assists with devising and planning the event and directs it in real time, including feeding instructions into the speakers' earphones. Also provided are services to enhance interaction with the viewers.


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