Light Crosses Borders

International poetry event with writers and poets from across the globe

The Client:

The Israeli Writers Association


Virtual event



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Virtual Hanukkah event with 13 writers and poets from different countries and a live performance of an opera singer.

Images from the event

About Video Captain

Video Captain remotely direct virtual events and live content, making them look professional like a TV show


lool is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage startups. The virtual event for lool Ventures' investors was a three hour long and included an annual review, six panels, nine CEOs, Q&A, recorded videos, graphics, and presentations.

Venture capital virtual event for investors

Six live panels hosing CEOs of start-up companies with videos and presentations

A live streaming event with 5 speakers combing recorded videos, images and real-time questions from the viewers

The UK National Holocaust Centre & Museum

The Journey: a live interview with Holocaust survivor, school teacher and students about the Kindertransport in World War II

A literary fundraising event that included five speakers from different locations, a main interview and Q&A from the audience

Jonathan Freedland and Noreena Hertz

A live conversation between the Guardian journalist and the economist

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