Jonathan Freedland and Noreena Hertz

A live conversation between the Guardian journalist and the economist

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A literary fundraising event that included five speakers from different locations, a main interview and Q&A from the audience

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Maureen Fisher


Our organisation embarked upon hosting online events and we, like so many other organisations, were novices in the world of virtual activity.

Itay Filiba (Video Captain's Director) ensured a standard of production we would never have been able to achieve without his support.

Guests who participated in our events, leaders in their fields, were amazed by the high level of technical professionalism they experienced.

With Itay's input we were able to upgrade what would have been a very simple presentation to an impressive format on par with national broadcast media.

Itay was able to help us create something that Zoom and other video-chat platforms do not normally offer.

His co-operation, encouragement and understanding in supporting participants for whom this was a nervous 'first' was much appreciated as was his availability and professionalism.

We thank Itay for his commitment to our success and look forward to continuing to work together on our 'virtual' journey.

About Video Captain

Video Captain remotely direct virtual events and live content, making them look professional like a TV show


lool is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage startups. The virtual event for lool Ventures' investors was a three hour long and included an annual review, six panels, nine CEOs, Q&A, recorded videos, graphics, and presentations.

Venture capital virtual event for investors

Six live panels hosing CEOs of start-up companies with videos and presentations

A live streaming event with 5 speakers combing recorded videos, images and real-time questions from the viewers

The UK National Holocaust Centre & Museum

The Journey: a live interview with Holocaust survivor, school teacher and students about the Kindertransport in World War II

A remote live interview that included video clips from Quinto's films and questions from the audience. Was broadcasted live as part of the virtual Tel Aviv International LGBT Festival, hosting live interviews with film creators and offering on-demand films to watch at home.

A live conversation with Mr Spock from Star Trek

A live Q&A event with the Hollywood star Zachary Quinto

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