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Online summit: Gender Lens in Innovation

a virtual event for a scientific audience about women's health and innovation

The Client:



Online conference



Watch highlights from the summit


An academic online event hosting 8 scientists and professionals to talk about their research and work, then participated in a virtual panel discussion. The scientists shared presentations and answered live questions from the audience.

Screenshots from the event

The client say

Dr Ronell Klingman, MD

Dr Ronell Klingman, MD

Co-Founder, NOGAFEM

As a recently founded NGO, this was our first virtual event to a highly professional and scientific audience.

Our Video Captain producer, Itay Filiba, led us step by step throughout the process with the highest degree of professionalism and attention to detail.

On an aesthetic level, the presentation of the screens with the brand colors, graphics and visual elements including split screens and clear visualization of the speakers and their slides made for an extremely enjoyable webinar for the audience.

The outcome was slick, professional, and the keynote speakers appreciated the pre-webinar input as well as the quality of the in-ear technical support with a separate speaker’s virtual stage.

We received extremely positive feedback on our well organized and content-engaging virtual summit.

As this was our first launch event, it was critical that it was viewed as seamless, professional and engaging.

Itay is incredibly patient and leaves no angle to chance. His support in the weeks leading up to the event, were invaluable.

We would like to thank Itay for putting us on our first path to success and look forward to continuing the virtual awareness journey with his expertise and ethos for excellence.

About Video Captain

Video Captain remotely directs & designs virtual events, webinars and live webcasts, making them look professional like a TV show


A virtual event for 1,500 employees around the world to celebrate Taboola going public on Nasdaq.

The climax of the event was a livestream from the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York, where Taboola's CEO and founder rang the bell.

The event was hosted by two of Taboola's executives from the London office, where a professional set had been built, including an HD video camera, wireless microphones, in-ear talkback, lights, and more.

The event included live speakers and live celebrations from Taboola offices around the globe as well as from Times Square.

A tailored on-air Graphics Package was designed for the event, according to Taboola's brand guidelines.

The event was streamed live to Zoom, where employees could watch it either at home or with their colleagues at Taboola offices.

Taboola Goes Public on Nasdaq

A virtual event with live broadcasts from New York, London and other locations around the globe

Remagine is a venture capital firm investing in tech, entertainment, gaming, and metaverse startups. 

The virtual event for Remagine Ventures' included a performance update on funds, panel discussions with startup CEOs and venture capital executives, Q&A, recorded videos, and presentations. 

The two-hour event was streamed live to investors on Zoom platform.

Remagine Ventures: virtual event for investors

a-two-hours event hosting tech CEOs from the entertainment, gaming and metaverse industry

Bank Leumi is the largest bank in Israel with more than 10,000 employees. The client asked to present the bank's modernisation plan to its employees. 

Together with the client we created a TV-like live format in which a host from the bank interviewed senior managers about different aspect of the modernization plan

A graphics package was designed for the webinar aligned with the bank's branding and design language. The package included animated intro, lower thirds for names and topics, overlays, split-screens, holding slides and more

All speakers joined remotely using their webcams. They received in-ear instructions without these instructions been heard by the audience

The bank's employees watched the event either at their desks or together with their colleagues in different halls across the organisation

Video clips and presentation were combined during the webcast. The employees submitted questions to the speakers in real time

The webcast was also recorded and uploaded to the internal bank portal as VOD

Virtual event for the largest bank in Israel

A TV-like live webcast about Bank Leumi's modernisation plan

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