The TLV LGBT Film Festival

A virtual film festival with hundreds of films available online and live conversations with film creators

The Client:



Virtual event


Zoom and Facebook Live

Watch live Q&A event with the creators of Stage Mother


Remote live directing of the opening event that included live stage performances and operating remote video crews, the closing award event with speakers from around the world and live Q&A events with film creators during the festival.

More festival events

Kiss Me Kosher - Live Q&A event with the creators of the film. Watch the full event

Zachary Quinto - Live Q&A event with the Holliwood start that played in Star Trek, Heroes, American Horror Story, The Boys in the Band and more. Watch the full event

Opening event - Live stage performances, operating remote camera crews and performers. Watch the full event (Hebrew)

Closing event - awards for the winning film creators with participants from around the world. Watch the full event (Hebrew)

Images from the festival

The client say

Yair Hochner

Founder & Director of TLVFest

The Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival took place in a virtual format and featured hundreds of films that were available for viewing online alongside livestreamed events and online talks with filmmakers from around the world.

Video captain, Itay Filiba, directed the festival’s opening and closing events, while instructing the camera crews and staff remotely. These events included live stage performances, over 11 speakers from around the world, and many video clips embedded throughout the program. He also directed live talks with film actors who joined from afar, such as Zachary Quinto (Spock from the Star Trek films) and Jackie Weaver (two-time Academy Award nominee). In these talks, selected scenes from the actors’ films were presented and the audience was invited to ask the speakers questions in real-time.

Itay assisted in planning the virtual events and building the lineups; he designed an impressive graphic scheme and advised us on how to enhance the events visually and programmatically. During the live broadcast, Itay managed the events calmly and confidently, orchestrating the speakers and performers without a hitch and responding quickly to any developments and changes that occurred. The service we received from Itay was professional, innovative and creative. It helped us produce quality live video content, which we could also use later on our social media and website.

I highly recommend Itay's services to anyone interested in producing professional live video content in an exceptional way and on par with TV broadcast.

About Video Captain

Video Captain remotely direct virtual events and live content, making them look professional like a TV show


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