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Video Captain helps businesses create appealing live streams

Live Video Marketing

The service

Engage with your audience by creating professional live broadcasts on social media 

Have your brand experts go live remotely on tv-like live streams

Create valuable content that can then be repurposed

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Video Captain gives live streams a professional look similar to that of a TV show, with branded graphics overlays, split screens, vision mixing, TV directing, in-ear Instructions, and more. This is done remotely, with an additional on-site option. 
A virtual event for 1,500 employees around the world to celebrate Taboola going public on Nasdaq.

The climax of the event was a livestream from the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York, where Taboola's CEO and founder rang the bell.

The event was hosted by two of Taboola's executives from the London office, where a professional set had been built, including an HD video camera, wireless microphones, in-ear talkback, lights, and more.

The event included live speakers and live celebrations from Taboola offices around the globe as well as from Times Square.

A tailored on-air Graphics Package was designed for the event, according to Taboola's brand guidelines.

The event was streamed live to Zoom, where employees could watch it either at home or with their colleagues at Taboola offices.

Taboola Goes Public on Nasdaq

A virtual event with live broadcasts from New York, London and other locations around the globe

A series of live virtual events in commemoration of the International Holocaust Memorial Day. The highlight was a livestream event that was broadcast to thousands of pupils across England as part of their remote learning. 

The event included interviews with Premier League football players and the chairman of Chelsea Football Club, who talked about racism and antisemitism in sport, as well as an interview with Lord John Mann. In addition, there was a conversation with a Holocaust survivor, and also a lighting of commemorative candles both in the Holocaust Museum and in schools throughout England.

Premier League figures talk about racism in sport

A series of livestreaming events for the UK National Holocaust Centre & Museum

A literary fundraising event that included five speakers from different locations, a main interview and Q&A from the audience

Jonathan Freedland and Noreena Hertz

A live conversation between the Guardian journalist and the economist


Video Captain manages all the aspects of the live stream creation


PICTURE White.png

concept, screen design,

branding, run-of-show



guidance for the host and speakers, preparations, rehearsals

Technical setup

LAVALIER White.png

streaming platform, webcams, microphones, connectivity

Live TV directing

MIXER White.png

in-ear instructions, vision mixing, overlays, slides, videos



On-screen text

speakers details, logo, topic, web address

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